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UNI EN ISO standard 9001:2015 certification

Thanks to an accurate monitoring of all the company process, Della Toffola Spa has obtained the certification of its QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM in accordance with the UNI EN ISO standard 9001.
The certificate was issued on 31st march 2005 by the certification body TÜV.
The UNI EN ISO standard 9001 has been adopted as a reference with a view to providing customers with evidence of the company's capacity to control all its activities, from design right up to the after-sales service. This gives rise to products and services capable of satisfying the end user's specific needs.
An effective organization of the business processes ensures an optimal use of the resources, reducing the production times and costs, with distinct benefits for the customer.
The certification of its quality management system also represents a further, important stimulus to strive for continual improvement in the company's results in terms of efficiency, quality, price, reliability, performance, innovation, and image.
Della Toffola Spa's aim is always to be a valid and dependable partner capable of providing customers with practical guidance in their decision-making, even when the options are particularly complex and multi-faceted.

To download the TÜV certificate UNI EN ISO 9001:2015  in PDF format click on the following link:
UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 Certificate