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DT stabilization

The DT stabilization systems enable all types of wine to be stabilized with the aid of wrapped spiral polymer membranes and subsequent filtering.

Wine needs to undergo tartaric stabilization to prevent any potassium bitartrate precipitation, a phenomenon that is very evident and easily perceivable to the wine’s potential consumer.

Using this method, there is a rapid oversaturation of both the potassium and the tartaric acid, enabling the activation of the crystallization process, followed by the formation of full-blown crystals, which are then removed during the filtering of the wine with latest-generation, 3-micron filters. The resulting concentrated wine is free of tartrates, and can then be suitably mixed with the permeate before its final storage in the tank.

These systems run economically advantageous, automated cycles that enable a considerable energy saving, there is no need for adjuvants to improve the crystallization process, and the results obtained are always excellent, while leaving the organoleptic characteristics of the wines being treated perfectly intact.
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