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Omnia Technologies Group combining the expertise of the top specialists in automation technologies for the wine, spirits and beverage industry. As a turnkey supplier, the Group provides complete solutions and automated lines focusing on technology, sustainability, and service.

“The Della Toffola Group is a diversified multinational company active in the design and manufacture of machinery for the food and beverage industry.
We intend to pursue our goals by generating value for our customers, our people and our shareholders first and foremost, but also our partners, institutions and our entire ecosystem.
Our ambition is to become a leader in the food and beverage chain by promoting an ecological transition and contributing to the creation of sustainable conditions for the environment in which we operate.
To this end, we orient our production and design choices with a goal of enhancing the land to preserve its history and extraordinary uniqueness.
We are in harmony with our people, whom we consider our most precious capital: in this sense respect, fairness, listening and merit are the codes of our identity.
We are always tolerant of mistakes, but we do not accept negligence.
We promote diversity and gender equality in our workplaces and cultivate it as a management guideline and practice, and measure metrics for them to ensure concrete ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) results.
In our business activities, we adhere to the laws of the countries where we operate, promote healthy competition and are guided by respect for lawfulness and compliance in all its forms.
We are a large community of people but we see technology and digital transformation as positive opportunities to improve our product solutions and make our processes more efficient.
In financial management, our principles are transparency and prudence, which underpin our standards of conduct and the way we communicate."

Andrea Stolfa
CEO Omnia Technologies Group


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