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Vertical red winemaking tanks SELECOMPACT

The SELECOMPACT red winemaking tanks, produced and patented by Gimar, consist of a new automated system for the vinification of red wines that associate great efficiency and a compact size with an avant-garde technology.

They enable the technologies already available on the SELECTOR tanks to be put to simple and effective use. They form a genuine, complete and patented winemaking system suitable for the vinification of fruity wines for drinking young as well as wines suitable for aging.

The vinification process is extremely gentle and needs to be constantly monitored and managed by the user in all its various phases and characteristic aspects. Using SELECOMPACT winemaking tanks gives the enologist the opportunity to apply all the traditional vinifying techniques for red wines deriving from the winery’s own experience while also making good use of ultra-modern technologies and a completely automated control and management system.

That is why the SELECOMPACT winemaking tanks include a number of exclusive and patented technologies that enable all the parameters influencing the quality of the end product to be monitored and adjusted, making them the perfect interface between tradition and innovation. The automated cascading pumping over action ensures a constant wetting and homogeneous crumbling of the cap of grape marc to ensure the best possible contact between the grape skins and the liquid phase.

The OXYCONTROL and OXYPLUS devices monitor and manage the oxygen contained in the macerating grape mass.

The purpose of the THERMOSOFT is to control and adjust the temperature of the product to avoid any thermal shocks, while the DENSIMATIC system monitors the density of the fermenting must.

The vinifier’s functions are controlled from an ad hoc control panel with a dedicated DIGIWINE electronic board, and it is also ready for use with the VINISUPERVISION programmable remote control.

The ELIMATIC system also allows for wine refinement on the lees, with remixing cycles managed by the control panel. The emptying of the residual solids is managed by a mechanical extractor that can also be combined with screw conveyors to carry away the grape marc.

The SELECOMPACT winemaking tanks are available in various sizes, from 23 up to 332 hl.

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