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Presses compensated with inert gas

Della Toffola’s presses operating in an atmosphere (Nitrogen version) combine all the advantages of presses with closed tanks with the opportunity to complete the pressing process in a protected environment that is constantly saturated with pure nitrogen gas.

Designed to protect the grape mass and must against oxidation, they are suitable for all kinds of wine, but ideal for the production of very pleasant, fragrant and flavorful white and rosé wines.

As in all the presses made by Della Toffola, the membrane is tubular and installed centrally on the drum to increase the pressing surface area and guarantee a very even pressing action. The resulting must is of excellent quality thanks to the gentle processing method, shorter pressing cycles, and the opportunity to use an exclusive gradual pressing program based on gradual increments in the pressure applied with brief relaxations of the membrane.

The presses for use in an inert atmosphere can also be used the traditional way, without any nitrogen, or for carbonic macerations at controlled temperatures (with the aid of an optional external refrigerated lining). A patented technology ensures that the nitrogen used in the tank is always pure, never contaminated during its recovery, and there is no need for any bulky gas tanks because its consumption is reduced to a minimum.

The presses are practical and easy to use, with a programmable automatic control system based on a digital control panel and a programmable onboard computer.  The integrated washing system is based on an exclusive solution with moving balls that ensures an excellent cleanliness and hygiene.

On request, these presses can be operated as part of a centralized computer-controlled system comprising several machines.

Della Toffola presses operating in an inert atmosphere are available in various versions and capacities, from 25 up to 240 hl.
MADE by Della Toffola

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