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Presses with open tanks

Della Toffola’s pneumatic presses with open tanks have been conceived and designed to obtain excellent results from the pressing process in terms of both product quality and efficiency. All the models include several technical solutions exclusive to Della Toffola, which was the first to achieve several fundamental technological advances in this sector.

These presses are ideal for all types of wine. Their open structural design provides the greatest possible straining surface area, and their tubular central membrane exerts an even pressing action all over the inside of the drum. The whole surface of the drum is perforated, creating a genuinely all-around straining surface area. These solutions succeed in reducing the total pressing time by up to 50% while guaranteeing a very high quality of the product obtained. Only a few pressing and crumbling cycles are needed, even at low working pressures, and the process can practically run in a continuous cycle, without any lengthy interruptions. All this contributes to a soft, gentle pressing action with a minimal movement of the grape mass.

All the presses are practical and easy to use, with a programmable automatic control system based on a digital control panel and a programmable onboard computer. On request, they can be operated as part of a centralized computer-controlled system comprising several machines.

The Della Toffola presses with open tanks are available in various versions and capacities, from 12 up to 480 hl.
MADE by Della Toffola

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