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FLCV continuous wine flotation unit

The Della Toffola FLCV wine flotation units are suitable for medium to large wineries where continuous flotation processes are particularly useful.

Perfect for clarifying large quantities of musts or juices, Della Toffola’s FLCV wine flotation units are complete systems with one or two separation tanks that perform all the operations needed for an effective flotation: the must is first treated with a suitable adjuvant, then saturated with nitrogen or air in order to separate all the lees, which combine with the tiny bubbles of gas and rise to the surface. Inside the tank, moreover, there is a mechanical system that constantly removes the lees, which can then be filtered using other technologies.

The wine flotation unit consists of: a packaged dosing, saturation and separation assembly on an AISI 304 stainless steel frame, with a feed pump and peristaltic dosing pumps; a stainless steel circular tank with separate cells, with a revolving system with a variable speed control for removing the lees; connections, piping and an electric control panel.

Optional extras include a raker and a turbidity meter. Models from 200 to 300 hl/h.
MADE by Della Toffola

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