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Plate Filter Univer

Della Toffola’s UNIVER plate filters enable the use of both filtering sheets and hollow plastic filtering plates. They are based on a tried and tested technology that Della Toffola has been applying for decades, and have always been a simple and effective solution for all the processes that involve separating the liquid phase from the solids in suspension.

The UNIVER plate filters make it easy to replace the pack of plates with filtering sheets, adapting to the needs of various sectors, always with excellent results. They have been designed mainly for filtering lees and, with the addition of a centrifugal pump, also wines, must, and byproducts of the winemaking process. With the aid of specific accessories, however, they can also be used to filter numerous other products, such as oil, juices, beverages, and chemical and pharmaceutical products.
Made using the best materials and components, they are extremely reliable and durable.

All the parts in contact with the product are made of AISI 304 stainless steel.

All models of UNIVER plate filters are complete with a feed pump and a manual or automatic hydraulic filter closing device.
MADE by Della Toffola

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