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Brew houses - versions with 3,4,5 vats

Manual, Semi-automatic and Fully-automatic models
Della Toffola brewing rooms are designed for the production of all types of beer and constructed in a wide range to meet the needs of breweries of every type and size.
Available in stainless steel or copper-plated versions, they can also be built to the customer’s specific needs.The versions with 3, 4, or 5 vats range from 10 to 120 hl capacity.
Constructed with painstaking attention to detail and finishing, they comply with the highest health and food-processing standards to let the master brewer express all his creative talent and flair.
In the Fully-automatic models, every phase is controlled and commanded by a reactive touchscreen loaded with rapid, user-friendly management software.
The system manages each step in every work cycle, and the customer’s own special recipes can be saved for retrieval and use whenever required.
Filly-automatic brewing rooms can also be equipped with the Min-t Cloud system that permits the connection and remote control of the machine by app, PC software, or IOS and  Android systems.


- Quick filtration times

- Efficient spent brewers grains discharge

- Easy access for maintenance

- Modular, expandable system

- Sturdy frame, high-quality finish

- Maximum consumption efficiency

- Easy cleaning

- Personalized solutions

Technical features

  • Vat positioning in brewing room as required by client;
  • Ample work space on brewing room inspection platform;
  • Brewing mixture boiler heater system and boiling studied f0r gradual temperature rise;
  • Filtration system sized to shorten times
  • Whirlpool vat with special bottom that reduces waste of must.
  • Washing system designed for thorough cleaning.
  • User-friendly control panel (Semi-automatic and Fully automatic models).

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