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Grape sorting and washing lines

Comprising various items of equipment to suit each customer's needs, the grape sorting and washing lines are used to complete the manual sorting operations before the grapes are crushed and  pressed. The sorting lines are suitable for wineries seeking to achieve a top-quality product, enabling a speedier and more effective completion of all the manual operations needed to sort the grapes and remove any leaves, twigs, stems, and damaged grapes or bunches. The grapes are automatically distributed evenly over a  flat surface. The sorting lines are modular,  with a great variety of devices to choose from to suit different needs, e.g.

- grape washing and drying tunnels
- vibrating dosing units
- sorting benches with PVC conveyor belts
- stainless steel vibrating sorting benches
- elevator belts
- grape destemmers - crushers
- roller crushers
- mohno or peristaltic pumps