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Winemaking Division

Developments in winemaking methods in the last few decades have focused increasingly on obtaining ever more rational production cycles. But these goals must always be reached by paying the utmost attention to
respecting and exalting the qualities of the processed product. Della Toffola Group’s modern technological solutions can prove extremely useful in achieving these goals.
Great attention has been paid to monitoring the operating economics of the various technologies involved, from receiving and storing the grapes to filtering and stabilizing treatments.
Della Toffola Group provides a complete range of winemaking products for every step in the winemaking process, from the moment the grapes leave the vineyard until bottling and labeling.
Working closely with the Commercial Department, the various Technical Departments come up with the ideal solution for every need during production, whether the client is a vineyard of limited size or the largest producer.
We like to think of ourselves as being much more than a mere supplier, and rather as an authentic technological partner who brings a wide range of instruments to obtaining the best possible result: an excellent product.



Receiving the grapes

Tanks with screw conveyors
Tanks with belt conveyors

Grape sorting and handling

Conveyor belts
Screw feeders
Grape stem extractors
Grape sorting and washing lines

Grape processing - crushing

NDC destemmers - crushers


Presses with open tanks
Presses with closed tanks
Presses with a closed tank and lens-shaped membranes 
Presses compensated with inert gas


Vertical fermentation tanks
Horizontal fermentation tanks
Vertical red winemaking tanks SELECTOR
Vertical red winemaking tanks SELECOMPACT
Evolution kit


Biothermo Cooler


FLCV continuous flotation units
FLN continuous flotation units
EcoFlot batch flotators

Reverse osmosis

MOVIRO reverse osmosis systems for wine

Cross-flow filters

CFK-N crossflow filters with ceramic membranes
CFK-I crossflow filters with ceramic membranes
OMNIA crossflow filters with ceramic membranes
OMNIA-I crossflow filters with ceramic membranes
MTW crossflow filters with organic membranes

Plate filters

Sheet filters
UNIVER plate filters

Kieselgur filters

NF automatically discharged kieselgur filters
Manually discharged horizontal disk kieselgur filters
Rotary vacuum filters with external pumps
Rotary vacuum filters with inside pumps

Housings for microfiltering

Cartridge filters - Housings for microfiltering


DT stabilization
DTX resine skids

Sparkling process

Pressure tanks


INOX tanks for wine


All-in-one cooling systems with a hermetic compressor
Refrigerating systems with a screw compressor RAC
Refrigerating systems with a hermetic compressor RAF/PC
Scraped-surface wine coolers CRA

Temperature control and abatment

Temperature control systems
Temperature abatement equipment


Peristaltic pumps
Centrifugal pumps
Pumps with stainless steel piston
Mohno pumps for liquids
Mohno pumps for grape marc
Della Toffola Group supplies bottling and packaging machines and systems for the wine-making sector.
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Della Toffola Group supplies water treatment systems for the wine-making sector . CLICK HERE to go to the dedicated section.

Complete plants for wineries

Complete enological systems for wineries