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Bottling and packaging

Thanks to its experience, industrial and technological capability, and the specific know-how of its members, Della Toffola Group can supply packaging machinery and bottling equipment for every link in the entire chain of production up to the final bottling and labeling phases.

Through AVE Technologies, OMB, and Z-Italia, Della Toffola Group designs and constructs one of the world’s widest ranges of complete, innovative, and technologically advanced systems for wines, spirits, liqueurs, beer, fruit juices, mineral water and soft drinks, milk and derivatives, oils, sauces, and other foods, chemical products, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.

As demonstrated by its many patents and exclusive solutions, the packaging machinery and bottling equipment Division is distinctively characterized by continuous research and innovation and makes the Della Toffola Group offer unique on the international panorama.

In its simplest machines and even the most complex systems with high levels of automation, Della Toffola always ensures easy control and complete safety guaranteed by a Customer Support Service that readily assists the client during the machinery’s start-up phase and for the rest of its working life.

Rinsing/sterilizing systems

Rinsers/Blowing machines

Filling systems

Gravity filling systems
Vacuum filling systems
isobaric filling machine
Isobaric filling machine
Hot filling FHP
Volumetric filling systems
bottle filling machine
Electronic bottle filling machine - EFS
Isobaric filling systems ISO-EFS

Capping machines

Screw capping machines
Press-on capping machines
Cork capping machines
Crown capping machines

Syrup rooms and premix systems

Syrup rooms
Water carbonation systems
CSD premix systems

Primary water treatment

Ozonizers/Water treatment systems

CIP units

CIP/SIP systems

Linear capsule distributors and monoblocks

Capsule distributor mod. D-3000
Monoblock capsuling and labelling machine mod. D-2000

Rotary capsule distributors and monoblocks

Monoblock capsuling machine with 4+4 heads and mechanical needle distributor

Linear labelling machines

Labelling machine mod. ET 800
Labelling machine mod. ET 2C/DC
Labelling machine mod. ET 2500 with turret
Labelling machine mod. ET 2 champagne + distributor

Rotary labelling machines

Rotary labelling machine mod. ET 3000 AUT
Rotary labelling machine mod. ET 3000 with distributor
Rotary labelling machine mod. ET 3000 with distributor and 4-head turret

Rotary labelling machines with touch-screen and centering system

Rotary labelling machine mod. 5 plates
Rotary labelling machine mod. 9 plates

Semi-automatic labelling machines

Semiautomatic labelling machine mod. S/600

D.O.C.G. labelling machines and printers

D.O.C.G. labelling bench machine

Labellers over 6.000 bph

Roll Linear Linear Roll-fed Labellers
Roll-fed labellers Z-Roll-fed
Self-adhesive labellers Z-Adhesive
Pre-glued labellers Z-roll
Cold-glue labellers Z-Cold-glue
Pre-cut hot-melt labellers Z-Hot-melt
Modular and combined labellers

Labelers and De-labelers

Returnable Bottle System


Depalletisers - palletisers
Cardboard box forming / Closing machine
Unpacking/packing machines
ISOLA 700 monoblock
Shrink-wrapping machines

Handling systems

Conveyor systems
Line automation

Optionals accessories

Cap elevators