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Temperature abatement equipment

For various important applications
For the most modern production processes, Della Toffola Group manufactures complete refrigeration systems with a very broad range of options, even computer-aided, for the management and control of the temperature of musts and wines.

These systems are designed and manufactured to the customer's specifications.
Plate exchangers

These are the ideal solution in the case of products containing no fibers and with solids in suspension no larger than 1 mm in diameter. They can be used for cooling wines, musts, juices, etc, and in heat retrieval systems. The models have a very compact design but guarantee a high-performance thanks to the wide variety of plates to choose from according to need. They are quick and easy to wash and are made of AISI 316 stainless steel with an AISI 304 frame.

Shell and tube heat exchangers

Ideal for cooling must.
They consist of a cylinder containing a set of corrugated tubes.
Made of AISI 304 or AISI 316 stainless steel.
The removable ends make it easy to inspect and clean the inside.

The outer insulation is made of polyurethane foam and coated with matte stainless steel.

Feet are provided for supporting the flanged ends.

SR scraped surface heat exchangers

These scraped surface heat exchangers for indirect cooling rely on a glycol solution and are suitable for stabilizing wines.
The evaporators are of the horizontal scraped surface type and are effectively insulated. They are covered on the outside with matte stainless steel.
The technologically avant-garde evaporator ensures an excellent heat exchange.

The use of special wear-proof scraper blades contributes to an optimal performance and reduces the noise generated by the cooler system.

Tube-in-tube heat exchangers

These exchanger models offer an excellent thermal efficiency and are suitable for cooling musts, crushed grapes, and fruit pulps with solids in suspension.
All the piping, inside and out, is made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel. 
To facilitate cleaning, the various tubular units are connected together with DIN-standard, non-toxic rapid couplings.
Only special curves with a wide radius are used to facilitate the circulation of the must.