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Refrigerating systems with a screw compressor RAC

-These models are characterized by high-efficiency levels and the use of the refrigerant R134a.

-Excellent results have been achieved by means of an accurate sizing of all the internal components to make the most of the features of the environment-friendly refrigerant used. Particular attention has been paid to all the heat exchange surfaces, fans and compressors.

-The condensing batteries have oversized heat exchange surfaces, and the new asymmetrical evaporators ensure a more efficient distribution of the refrigerant.

-The latest-generation screw compressors have been designed specifically for use with the refrigerant R134a.

-The output of each compressor is modulated continuously between  100% and 50% of its capacity; this makes it possible to deliver exactly the amount of cooling power needed and to adapt it to changes in the load, reducing the number of times the compressor comes on and thus improving its reliability.

-An accurate sizing of the system assures significant energy savings and lower running costs.

-The time taken for the technical setup and to bring the system into a steady state is reduced to a minimum because all the functional tests have already been conducted at the factory. At the installation site, it is only necessary to connect the water and electrical energy supplies. In the subsequent commissioning stage, all the operator needs to do is establish the temperature setpoint.

-These air-condensed liquid coolers with axial fans are suitable for installation out of doors.

-All the units are delivered already filled with antifreeze oil and a charge of refrigerant gas.

-The systems are complete with an electronic control for complete and highly advanced adjustments. The keyboard and rational LCD display are for the easy input of all the parameters and the real-time control of all the functions. The diagnostics include the complete management of alarms by means of a display, or a separate PC for a thorough analysis of the unit's behavior.
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