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The PolarSystem stabilizers are ideal for tartaric stabilization and also for stabilizing a wine’s coloring compounds.

Tartaric stabilization is a problem that every winery has to solve in order to produce good-quality wines, avoiding the drawback of tartaric acid crystal precipitation, which would negatively affect the consumer’s perception of the product. The action of the PolarSystem relies on a variation in temperature: the effect of cold temperatures can stabilize all types of wine, even carbonated wines, those with a high alcohol content, and those with a high concentration of coloring compounds.

The PolarSystem consists of PolarCryo units that can be combined with the PolarPoint laboratory cryostat for an efficient selection of the wine’s degree of stability, or with the PolarVortex system, which is suitable for treating even wines particularly difficult to stabilize.
MADE by Della Toffola

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