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Centrifugal pumps

Version with stainless steel impeller

-Of the trolley-mounted type, with a stainless steel impeller. 
-Suitable for use with a great variety of products in the winemaking and foodstuffs industries.
-The molded stainless steel impeller guarantees corrosion resistance. 
-Self-priming pump. 
-The inside surfaces are perfectly smooth to guarantee an excellent performance. 
-Particularly manageable design and compact dimensions. 
-Virtually unlimited working life considering the very low friction involved.

Version with impeller fitted with synthetic blades

-Of the trolley-mounted type, with an impeller made of synthetic material 
that is non-toxic and withstands various acids.
-Suitable for the transfer of liquids of all kinds, even if they are dense and have solids in suspension. 
-Instantaneous priming down to a depth of 5 m. 
-Reversible flow. 
-Low turning speeds mean that the product is treated gently.
-The lobed impeller version, made entirely of stainless steel has an exceptional efficiency and quality of operation, especially in sanitizing processes. 
MADE by Della Toffola

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