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Biothermo Cooler thermovinification system

Della Toffola’s Biothermo Cooler is a complete system that combines the thermovinification treatments typical of the Biothermo system with the opportunity to instantaneously expand the heated crushed grapes under the effect of a strong vacuum. This induces a genuine explosion with the breakdown of cell membranes that consequently tend to release far more anthocyanins and noble tannins.

The thermovinification system is an integrated version of the Della Toffola Biothermo system in which the maceration tank is replaced with a cooler unit for the flash extraction treatment.

The system consists of three main components: a storage tank; an immersion circuit with a boiler for heating the crushed grapes; and the cooler unit, which can be used both for the flash treatment and as a normal maceration tank in a thermovinification process.

The main phases of the flash treatment are: straining, rapid heating of the crushed grapes, and instantaneous expansion under a strong vacuum. In addition to a thorough color extraction, typical of thermovinification processes, this treatment also prepares the grape mass for faster and more effective subsequent extraction of the noble tannins during the vinification process. The system is therefore suitable for preparing all types of red wine, from the young and fruity to the more structured and rich in tannins that can cope with lengthy refinement processes.

This system can also be integrated with a chiller unit to enable the process to be conducted at very low temperatures, for cold macerations prior to fermentation: treatments adopted mainly for white and rosé wines that exploit the low temperatures to obtain elegant, pleasantly fruity products.

Available in models with capacities from 1.5 to 60 tons/hour, Della Toffola’s Biothermo Cooler is easy to integrate and adaptable to existing wineries and systems.
MADE by Della Toffola

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