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Filter presses

The filters presses can be automatic or manual and they can be made in a variety of versions and using different materials, e.g. painted carbon steel: in this cases, special paints can be applied on request for highly corrosive conditions, such as in the marine environment.

Manual filter presses with plate sizes from 400x400 to 1000x1000, and with different types of plates, i.e. with fixed chambers in series, with squeezing membranes, or with sheets.  
Automatic filter presses with plate sizes from 600x600 to 2000x2000. Automatic filter presses with single top beam available in models with plate size 2000x2000.  Simultaneous automatic filter presses with plate sizes from 500x500 to 2000x2000. 

All the filters are made of painted carbon steel, or stainless steel AISI 304 or AISI 316.

The material used to make the plates is normally PPAD, but any other plastic can be used to guarantee complete compatibility with the product being treated and the filtering temperature.  Other plate materials include stainless steel AISI 304 or 316, aluminum alloys and cast iron.  
With all these options, any structural variant can be produced to meet every customer’s needs, which depend on corrosion issues, particular working temperatures, etc.
All the filters are made in compliance with the most demanding accident prevention standards.  These machines can also be made in accordance with the ATEX standards.
Filters can be used for several applications and processes: treating civil and industrial wastewater, in the mining and quarrying sectors, in the chemical and pharmaceutical sector.

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