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Pre-glued labellers Z-roll

Z-roll labeller is a pre-glued rotary labeller that applies pre-glued plastic wrap-around labels from a reel on cylindrical or square containers made of glass, plastic or metal with top reliability and precision.

The cutting and labelling unit has been designed to process this kind of label at high speeds. Moreover, the structure of the PGLs lets you use both technologies on the same labelling machine, i.e. the pre-glued application and the traditional roll-fed one with hot-melt glue. This means customers can, at any time, choose the best-suited application and material.

Maximum production speed: 60.000 bph


-The unit can be equipped to process pre-glued wrap-around labels or traditional wrap-around labels with hot-melt glue
-The machine has a compact structure and is fitted with non-stick materials to unwind pre-glued material
-The cutting unit consists of a static knife that interacts with an oblique rotary knife. This system ensures very high production speeds, accurate cutting and very low wear of the components above
-Output range

Optional features

-Automatic reel splicing for continuous operation
-Hercules, vertical reel loading system
-Labelling quality control system
-Electronic orientation system
-Pressurization system to process empty bottles.

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