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Pasteurisation unit for beverage

Pasteurization equipment for beverage industry

Tube or plate-type beverage industry pasteurizers, deaerators, homogenizers for hot, cold, aseptic or ultra-clean filling, hot or cold deaerators.

Pasteurization unit

The pasteurizers used for fruit juices can also be used for a wider range of beverages. Available with plate or tube-type heat exchangers as required by the viscosity of the product to be processed and its fiber content, these pasteurizers are built in stainless steel  and can be fully- or semi-automatic.

All versions are equipped with instrumentation for the display and print-out of every necessary parameter to ensure perfect pasteurization.

Easy to install, designed for C.I.P. washing, the construction of these pasteurizers guarantees the highest levels of hygiene. Flowrates can also be personalized to client request.

Technologies: cold, hot, ultra-clean, aseptic

Applications: syrups, fruit juices and nectars with or without fiber/suspended particles, non-carbonated beverages, isotonic beverages, shakes and smoothies, sports drinks.