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Presses with closed tanks

Della Toffola’s presses with closed tanks combine exclusive technical solutions that make them extremely high-performing, as well as guaranteeing qualitatively excellent results.

The presses with closed tanks are suitable for producing all kinds of wine and particularly indicated for red and rosé wines because the maceration process with the grape skins can take place directly inside the press. The tubular membrane attached to the central drum considerably increases the area of the surface for straining the must through the circumferential perforated grids arranged in a ring all around the drum.

Using a Della Toffola press means reducing the number of working cycles and consequently the total pressing time by up to 50%. Very low working pressures can be applied and minimal displacements of the grape mass, achieving a gentle pressing action that protects the grapes from damage. The result is higher yields from smaller-sized systems and, above all, products of very high quality.

The presses are practical and easy to use, with a programmable automatic control system based on a digital control panel and a programmable onboard computer.  The integrated washing system is based on an exclusive solution with moving balls that ensures an excellent cleanliness and hygiene.

On request, these presses can be operated as part of a centralized computer-controlled system comprising several machines.

Della Toffola presses with closed tanks are available in various versions and capacities, from 12 up to 700 hl.
MADE by Della Toffola

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