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Wine lees filters CFK R35

Filters for lees filtration CFK R35

These new cross-flow filters have been designed for the filtration of lees and liquids with high concentrations of suspended solids through filly automatic operation.

CFK R35 cross-flow filters were developed to meet the need to filter lees and fine suspended solids similar to emulsions without fiber or coarse particles (larger than 4 mm).
Low energy consumption and compact size combined with simplicity of use and complete process automation make these filters ideal for the maximum recovery of product.
The process of filtration across ceramic membranes with 0.2 micron nominal porosity ensures constant and prolonged filtration thanks also to backwashing in order to ensure an extraordinary recovery of top quality filtered product.
In addition to lees filtration, CFK R35 filters also permit the filtration of wine with all the advantages offered by cross-flow filtration.

- Automatic management of all work phases: filtration cycle (filling – filtration – discharge) and  backwashing and washing cycle frequency;
- Remote control/assistance;
- High nominal output: 30-60 l(sq m/h);
- Lees concentration rates in retentate of up to 80% (v/v);
- No reduction in red color; no absorption of oxygen;
- Very high filtered product quality;
- Long filtration cycles before washing  (with fully-automatic management);
- Back-Wash system;
- Reduced power consumption for lower environmental impact.