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Cold-glue labellers Z-Cold-glue

Z-Cold glue labeller is a rotary labeller that applies pre-cut labels on cylindrical or shaped containers made of glass, plastic or metal.
The cold-glue application unit has a separate drive unit with a servomotor that allows for perfect application at high production speeds.
Main fields of application are: wine, spirits, beer, water
The unit is operated separately with a servomotor
The standard unit is fitted with removable shafts that allow for very fast format changes
The standard equipment of a cold-glue labeller includes the machine’s infeed screw operated with a servomotor, quick-release plates operated with a mechanical cam
The application unit can be fitted with the automatic label storage area
Output range
Maximum production speed: 60.000 bph
Optional features
Automatic label storage area
Plates operated with servomotors
Electronic orientation system
Labelling quality control system
Pressurization system to process empty bottles
Laser or ink-jet coder

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