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Modular and combined labellers

Z-Italia responded to the growing demand for flexibility in the bottling world by designing a full range of modular and combined labelling machines that combine various application technologies in just one rotary machine.
The modular labellers let you combine various labelling units on just one carousel. The units are mounted on removable carousels that can be attached and removed from the machine’s structure depending on production needs. Each labelling unit is operated independently.
Also combined labellers bring together various application technologies in a single machine, but the labelling units are fixed and fully integrated into the machine’s structure. Maximum production speed: 60.000 bph
The following units can be combined on the same machine:
  • Roll-fed
    Pre-cut hot-melt
 The standard equipment of a modular or combined labeller includes the machine’s infeed screw operated with a servomotor, quick-release centring plates operated with an electronical cam

Optional features
  • Electronic orientation system
    Labelling quality control system
    Pressurization system to process empty bottles
    Laser or ink-jet coder